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Physical Address:
7688 Co Rd 23
Mt. Hope, AL 35651

(256) 974-9114 or
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(256) 905-0480
(256) 974-9114

Rules and Regulations

Charges for Users Agreeing to Use Service

Each consumer subscribing to use the service of the Co-op shall pay a tap fee.

Service Size and Tap Fee

  • 3/4″ – $800.00 plus the Security Deposit
  • 1″ – $1,000.00 plus the Security Deposit


One adjustment per year is allowed, with no more than three adjustments in a five (5) year period for a leak. A leak is defined as a broken pipe. The water usage caused by the leak must exceed the amount of $50.00 or more before an adjustment can be given.

Consumer’s Responsibility

A. Where a meter or meter box is placed on the premises of a consumer, a suitable place shall be provided by the consumer therefore, unobstructed and accessible at all times to the meter reader.

B. All bills are due by the 12th of each month. Payments made after the 12th of each month will be subject to a 10% late charge. If putting a payment in the night deposit we ask that you PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE CASH. West Lawrence Water is not responsible for any cash left in the night deposit.

C. Non-payment after the 25th of each month will result in the water being shut off from the customer’s property. If it becomes necessary for the Co-op to shut off the water from a member’s property, a service charge of $50.00 will be charged for the reconnection of that service.

D. Tampering with the meter or connections will result in a fee of $150.00 in addition to any other charges incurred on the account.

E. Each member shall install a cut-off valve on their side of the meter. The Co-op will provide a like valve on our side of the meter, to be used by West Lawrence Water only.

F. ABSOLUTELY NO DUAL HOOK-UPS WILL BE ALLOWED. Each meter shall supply water to one and only one dwelling.

G. Water charges shall commence on the date the service is made available, regardless of whether the member connects to the system.

H. Failure to comply with any and all rules and regulations of the Co-op will result in immediate disconnection of service.

I. All on line payments are for water bills only!!! NO other service can be paid online. To pay online, visit our Pay Your Bill page.